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More than just online events

Elk River Systems offers a family of applications and services for your events. These include printed tickets and event merchandise, online event sales and promotion, and raffle ticket sales and management.

Multiple systems united under one Master Account

Previously, if you wanted to take advantage of all these services, you had to set up three separate accounts and maintain passwords and profiles on TicketPrinting, Eventgroove (originally TicketRiver), and Raffle River.

But now you can link them all under a single Master Account that has one password, and which provides easier access to all your event services.

Get set up now

We'll help you locate and link all your accounts that share the same email address across our various applications. It just takes a minute, and then you'll be all set up.

Link My Accounts

Note: We need a page on ONE of our systems to support this use case. I nominate TicketPrinting.com